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Monitoring Application Server September 30, 2010

Posted by neil0605 in PeopleSoft.
Tags: application server, monitoring, PeopleSoft
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Recently , I came across a situation where an application server domain should be monitored always and whenever it is down , an email should go to concerned team.

Application server was on a windows 2003 server.

To get an email , first of all we need to setup SMTP  in psappsrv.cfg. Then we will require any kind of third party tool like bmail or sendmail. I have used sendmail.

I have written a bat file which runs infinitely , and gather application server status after every 1 minute and take this output in a text file . Whenever application server is up , it will have BBL.exe process running . Search for ‘BBL.exe’ in text file and if found do nothing , delete the text file and continue the infinite loop.

If not found , go to send mail procedure , which will send emails to an individual or a group , and will keep mailing at fixed interval until application server is up.

Enabling Bypass Signon January 24, 2010

Posted by neil0605 in PeopleSoft.
Tags: Forgot Password, People Tools, PeopleSoft, PeopleSoft Signon
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Happy New year to all of you.Its been long since my last post.

Recently I was implementing forgotten password functionality in PeopleSoft. Earlier it was taken care by Portal. But now customer is decomissioning Portal system they want to implement this functionality on Finance homepage.

The  first step for this was to create a new site and make it bypass signon enabled.

Even for a single server domain , multiple sites can be create. The http port will be same. Once the site is created , make following changes to file and bounce the webserver.

byPassSignOn = True

defaultUserId = <UserId>

defautltPWD = <UserPwd>

Also make public access enabled in Web Profile for the user id given in file.

After that change the PIA link from http://<myserver>/psp/<sitename>/?cmd=login&#160; to  http://<myserver>/psp/<sitename>/?cmd=start.

This change makes webserver to check for bypass signon , and thus didn’t ask for authentication.

Once this is set you can create an userid with appropriate permissions ( which will only access forgotten password component ) and give that as a direct link on the signin.html page.

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